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A Complete Transformation

When was the last time you felt truly confident in your smile? Enjoyed a meal without limitations? Lived without oral discomfort? Dealing with numerous failing or missing teeth can have both physical and emotional consequences. We understand the challenges of living with an incomplete or compromised smile.

At Simply Smiles Miami in Miami, Florida, our esteemed team offers comprehensive full mouth dental solutions tailored to your lifestyle, smile aspirations, and budget. Whether you’re considering removable dentures or fixed full mouth dental implants, we’re here to craft a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your desires, leading to a transformation in function, health, and confidence that can truly change your life.

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Are You Considering Dental Implants?

Comparing Fixed Teeth Vs. Removable

Exploring Fixed Teeth Versus Removable Options When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you typically have two choices: fixed and removable solutions. Removable dentures are a familiar option, providing basic tooth replacement but offering only about 20% of natural function. As they sit on an acrylic base over your gums, they may become loose or uncomfortable over time due to changes in your jaw shape.

For a functional upgrade, consider implant-supported dentures in Miami, FL, which use two or more dental implants to stabilize the denture, restoring around 60% of dental function. However, they remain removable and may still be prone to cracking or fracturing.

On the other hand, full mouth dental implants offer a permanent solution, consisting of a fixed prosthetic bridge of teeth supported by 4-to-8 dental implants. This option restores over 98% of natural function, providing teeth that look, feel, and function like real ones.

With full mouth dental implants, you can enjoy eating without limitations, enhance your quality of life, and speak, laugh, and smile with confidence! We encourage you to explore all your options and schedule a consultation for an evaluation and personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

All-On-4® - Fixed

With All-On-4® dental implants, individual implants aren’t necessary for every missing tooth. Instead, Implants 4 All strategically places four implants for both your upper and lower arches, totaling eight implants for your entire mouth. This streamlined approach ensures complete restoration of your smile, making All-On-4® an exciting option.

Moreover, the titanium material used in these implants possesses a remarkable ability to fuse with living bone in your jaw. This fusion provides exceptional stability, alleviating concerns about your teeth falling out and ensuring lasting confidence in your smile.

Can be done in as little as one day

Replaces all teeth without covering the roof of mouth

Feel and function as real teeth

Fixed into placed

Enjoy eating/drinking your favorite foods and beverages

Preserves jawbone


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Hear firsthand testimonials from our satisfied patients who have experienced the exceptional care and transformative results at Simply Smiles Miami. Discover how our dedicated team has restored smiles and improved lives, one patient at a time.

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